Thursday, October 16, 2008

random thoughts # 5

I hope that sommeday, someone will say this to me. I've always been obsessive about my hips and thighs because they're big. I look at it sometimes and think they look just fine but there are days that I wish I could chop it.

I agree with this. I'm so glad to have people who listen to me. Though at times, you do end up having no one to talk to ... in the middle of the night, in a deserted alley, standing in the middle of a crowded room ... and your pet comes to mind. All those talks I had with my cat when I first got my heart broken surely helped me. Thanks cat!

Images from Post Secret


  1. Hi. I've always been frustrated with my figure because of my big hips.

    I love pets because they are always willing to give us unconditional love.


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