Friday, October 24, 2008

deal breakers and no no's

In a relationship, there will always be struggles, hardship, and heartaches. As a friend of mine said to me just recently, you always hurt the one you love. I disagreed at first and then realized, he was right. We always hurt the one we love simply because they love us and we love them. We are vulnerable to each other because we matter.

I guess it is acceptable but then there are things that are simply deal breakers and some that are simply no-no. Everyone has a list and I certainly have mine. So here goes.

Deal breakers:
1) cheating and not feeling sorry at all about it
2) hurting my kid
3) turning criminal on me
4) hurting my family physically

1) being rude to my friends
2) being rude to me
3) hurting me physically
4) forgetting my birthday and our anniversarry
5) spending more time with friends than with me

Do you have the same kind of list?

1 comment:

  1. I don't have a list like that, but if I did, "hurting me physically" would be on the deal-breaker list (for my wife).


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