Thursday, October 16, 2008

meet me halfway

This book is written
For those who are Searching
For those who are Holding
And especially
For those who are Remembering
All of us are born with the need to share
our lives with someone. During the years
the fulfillment of this need can be the cause
of constant concern and occasional pain.
For it can't be fulfilled by one person
reaching, but only when two are willing
to meet halfway.
I've never met you
And yet I know you
At least I know much about you
I know you need food
When you are hungry
I know you need shelter
To protect you from the elements
I know you need things to do
To keep you sane
And I know that especially
You need someone
I can't say that I am that Someone
But I am Someone
And if you choose to turn away
Then I guess
We'll just never know
We should do everything
Within reason
To save a good relationship
But if we are constantly
Trying to save it
It's probably
Not a good relationship
It's a delicate situation
When two people come together
And one needs a friend
While the other needs a lover
and unless they have the wisdom
To communicate with each other
One will have no friend
The other will have no lover
Love is an Opportunity
An Opportunity to give of one's self
And receive from another
An Opportunity for two
To equal one
And like all opportunities
We never know
When Love might come
So we must learn
Not to try to force it
But just to be ready
When it comes
As I lay beside you
And sleep has closed your eyes
Our bodies still warm
From the loving
I reach out and touch your face
Stroke your hair
And once more
Kiss you gently
For in a World
That seems intent
On "Making Love"
I find it necessary
To spend a few moments
"Knowing Love"
Sometimes we have something
Without truly knowing
What we have
Sometimes we hold something
without knowing completely
What we hold
sometimes we are given something
Without fully appreciating
What we are given
But that knowledge usually comes
When we realize
What we have lost
The conversation mentioned your name
and someone asked
If I knew you
Looking away
I thought of the times
I had held you -
Sharing your laughter
Knowing your tears
and then without explanation
You were gone
I looked back
To where they were waiting for and answer
And then said softly -
I thought I did"
I can live with the idea
That we are merely actors
Playing a part
But I do wish
Whoever is writing my script
Would learn to use
A few more Happy Endings

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