Wednesday, October 29, 2008

28 Great Moments in my Life

I am turning 28 in a couple of minutes. Big number for me since I don't think I ever went beyond 25. I feel like I am still 25, sitting on the edge of the world, ready to take it by storm. Well, that didn't happen and I guess never will but I know that I had my moments. So I am compiling 28 great moments in my life. I hope that I can list down that many. Lol.

In no particular order ...

  1. falling in love for the first time

  2. getting my heart broken for the first time

  3. jumping off a 200 feet high waterfall

  4. donating blood

  5. 18th birthday coz I really felt that my Mom was there for me no matter what

  6. high school graduation

  7. college graduation

  8. Grand Ylaya Reunion of 2008

  9. learning how to cook for the first time

  10. living on my own

  11. getting my first paycheck

  12. blowing off my first paycheck

  13. holding surprise parties for friends

  14. getting a surprise from friends

  15. receiving 2 bags worth of purple stuff

  16. receiving a huge bouquet of flowers, stuff toy, chocolates, and balloons

  17. getting promoted at work

  18. winning Star of the Night during the HSBC party

  19. being part of Campus Face of the Year and Miss Fort Ilocandia

  20. being hailed as image model of Kimbery Clothing Line

  21. watching my siblings get honors

  22. seeing my Mom really happy with a gift that I gave

  23. creating scrapbooks for friends and family I love

  24. finding out I was pregnant

  25. giving birth to my B

  26. celebrating milestones of my B

  27. having my Mom transfer to the house right in front of ours

  28. first kiss with someone you just fell in love with


  1. thank you ... I was just happy to actually have 28 of them ...

  2. I can't believe you jumped from a 200 feet high waterfall. That's seems scary.

  3. wow what a meaningful life you lived!


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