Monday, October 20, 2008

munimuni # 23

Looking back on the weekend, I can say that I had a pretty good one. I got to spend time with people that I love, meet some new people, and build new bridges that I hope to keep. It feels good to be accepted into a clique and I hope that there will be many more get togethers of the like.

I was also able to dabble into my scrapbooks though for some reason, my heart was not into it. I yearn for the time when I'd have my own room with my own desk (a big one) where I can just spread my materials and be able to create without thinking of the space.

I was also able to spend quality time with B and even Kianna. It feels good to be needed and I know that they both need me.

I am blessed because ...
  • B is with me and will always be with me
  • my family is healthy
  • friends that love me
  • someone who loves me and will not give me up no matter what
  • people who cater to my collection addiction
  • work that is doing pretty well
  • and because I really look good in pictures. Lol!

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