Tuesday, July 29, 2008

an upcoming trip and a giveaway

So I'm going to Thailand in September! Wheee! Best thing about it is that its FREE! Wheee even more. Why am I so excited? Well ...

1) its free
2) its the first time I'm going out of the country
3) I get to tour a totally new place and hopefully even have a camera by that time ... something that's 8MegaPixel at least ... so cool ...
4) did I say that it was free?

Lol! Oh ... and this was a sign ... I knew it ... so I'm posting it .... a giveaway from Thailand ... I really love the green letter holder.

Hop on over to Lalaine to join. Hurry! You still have until the 30th to join.


  1. Nice! It's nice to not worry about the cost of the trip. Then you can just enjoy the trip.

  2. hi Kay!! thanks so much for joining..I'll be drawing out the 2 winners tomorrow..and by the way, since you're going to Thailand..you might check out my posts in my travel blog , labeled THailand.. at www.fromasiaandbeyond.blogspot.com. Thanks!

  3. thailand looks really very promising... i heard it has the longest monarchy ever in history...
    going to thailand is a sign of what?...


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