Saturday, July 5, 2008

persons / things that I am grateful for

  1. that I am alive, breathing, normal, healthy, safe, and secure
  2. that my family and loved ones are all okay and nearby ... I can see them when I want and be with them
  3. that I have friends who love me and accept me for what I am ... craziness and all
  4. my blog ... I get to rant and rave without anyone saying stop that
  5. my photos ... they remind me of what I have
  6. my books ... they nourish my mind
  7. CC ... for giving me back my ability to write
  8. AM ... for making me realize my worth once again
  9. Starbucks ... for the endless sessions that I have with friends
  10. my son ... the biggest blessing of my life

1 comment:

  1. It's always rewarding to pause and think of life's blessings. Thanks for sharing.

    If you have time, I tagged you here. Happy weekend.


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