Monday, July 28, 2008

do you really want to know?

I think its human nature to ask someone what's wrong when we see that they are upset or sad but its also human nature to completely tune them out when they start talking. I've noticed that about people and I too have been guilty from time to time of this.

I think its only when you really care about someone that you want to know why they are sad. When you don't ... even if they say their husband got shot in the head, you feel nothing. You can just move on with your life and not mind what's happening in that person's world.

My question for you now is this: When you ask someone what's wrong, do you really want to know?


  1. Yep, otherwise I don't ask and ignore the situation.

  2. i'm a bad person... i have a habit of asking someone if something's wrong even though i don't want to know sometimes... but at least it's showing someone you care...
    i plead guilty, so shoot me...


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