Thursday, July 31, 2008

dinner at Italianni's

the complimentary TIRAMISU dessert

4 cheese pizza (blurry though)

Our team was part of a celebratory dinner for one of our projects. Backlogs we had were finally erased and we are off and running now. Funny thing I want to say about the dinner was this. Beside Italianni's is a resto called Flapjack. I've eaten there twice and gotten free stuff because the manager finds me appealing I suppose. When he learned that we were eating at Italianni's, he then proceeded to have the kitchen make a tiramisu dessert for us and it was on the house. Whee! Free food. Lol. We rock! Good company, good food .... great place. It was all good.

eggplant appetizer


pork chop


watermelon shake

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  1. hmmm... i guess your charms are disarming every guy you meet... as much as i would like to say the food is great... but i'm not the fine dining type of person... but that tiramisu dessert sure looks yummy... penge...


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