Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my WISH list

I've been sorting my stuff and I'm happy that some of the stuff that I've been wanting to get since I was a kid, I already did. There's something silly about me. I do not want to get these stuff for myself. I told myself and my friends that if no one gives this as a gift, then so be it. =) Crazy huh? Good thing they got me my carousel.

So what's on my wish list? Here goes.

1) a musical box with a dancing ballerina or a dancing couple ... I know, I know, its old fashioned but sue me ... its something I've been wanting for the longest time
2) silk pajama set ... I just think it would feel really good wearing it ...
3) a huge body pillow ....
4) a portrait of myself .... or a really fantastic glam shot blown up
5) a care bear snow globe
6) glass slippers .... its the princess in me ... lol
7) a white dresser of my own ...
8) a cabinet that can hold all my lil stuff ... the ones that I acquired and use for my scrapbooking
9) Starbucks City Mugs ... from all over the world
10) The boxset of Harry Potter

That's it for now. :)

1 comment:

  1. When I was a young girl I also wanted a music box with a dancing ballerina but never got it. My mom gave me a cute bear music box instead.

    I also long to have that treasure box of HP books.

    May all your wishes come true.


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