Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a teacher I am not

I have been tutoring my lil sister for some months now and I have ranged from giving her bribes to screaming at her when I get frustrated. I know its wrong and its not her fault but really, I am not the most patient of teachers. I get upset when she doesn't get things immediately which is silly really because she's only 8 and I am 28.

I feel bad for her and for myself, most especially for the B. What will it be like when its his turn to be tutored by Mommy? Will I have more patience or will it already have run out? I hope it hasn't. It would be so awful for him.

I wish I was one of those people who had fountains of patience but I am not. I wish that I could be more cheerful but the lack of sleep gets to me. See, I do overtime for work since there are just too many stuff going on as of the moment. Then I sleep and after 5 hours or less, wake up to tutor her. It's not her fault okay. It's mine. I was the one who tried to be a hero and offered my services so to speak.

Sigh sigh. I wanna get a stone and just hit myself over and over again.


  1. Wow, your little sis is 20 years younger. You could be her mom. It's not easy tutoring, is it? I'm not good at it either.

  2. I know. At least now I'm learning to be more patient. Writing about it made me realize things.


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