Mind Museum and a bunch of kids ...

It was the first time that my kid and his kids would meet. I brought along my little sister K and B, he brought along R and V. It was 2 adults, 3 teens, and a kid. It was a nightmare in my head because I don't know how to handle that many kids but FM was all chill and relax. I grabbed comfort in that fact.

We go there a few minutes before it happened. First fail of the day: FM did not bring his camera and we got a paper saying "taking photos is allowed." He was heartbroken LOL. 

While waiting, the kids went around the play area. This is the only shot I managed to take of them as a group. They were too busy.

While in line, I posed with them. I think I could still pass as an elder sister? What do you think?

We had fun. Seriously. The kids were behaved and the teenagers got along so well. I was amazed, impressed, and more than anything, grateful. My nightmare turned into a beautiful dream. As for FM and I, we managed to spend quality time while overlooking 3 teenagers and a kid.

Here are random shots of that wonderful day. 

I love how they all gamely pose for the camera.

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