top sales ...

It was the first time I was invited to a townhall for sales at work. Apparently, though I do not take the sales part of our work seriously, I did well enough to land a spot in the Top Sales Performers. Yey me!

I thought it would be boring but boy, was I wrong. It was a night of fun and revelry. Best part? I got to sing, dance, party, and take home prizes. Wheee!

It was held at Centerstage and the food was yummy. I heart the shrimp thingie. I had an entire plate all to myself. Booze was also overflowing which made the night more fun. I drank 4 different kinds which gave me courage to sing and dance in front of everyone. 

And here I am, performing and receiving my award.

And of course ... my solo pic. I think I looked pretty okay. I think.

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