the best gift ...

playing with puzzles
Last night, before I went to bed at around 3am, I was thinking back to the times when I was a kid and presents really mattered. I realized that as one grows older, the presents don't matter as much anymore. Yes, they are still welcome but other things start to matter more.

Last night, when I laid down on my bed and saw my son, I realized that he truly is the best gift I have ever received. I uttered a prayer to God to help me become a better Mom to him. I uttered a prayer of thanks and gratitude.

I may not have everything that I want in life but I do have everything that I need. Most of all, I have my son and that is the only thing that matters.

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  1. Happy birthday achie Kay! Btw, you're right. There are things far more important than material gifts as we grow older. Anyway, I hope you're having an awesome birthday.. :)

  2. yes I am ... spending it with family e :)