Thursday, June 11, 2020

Tipid Hacks from a Wais Momma

Every peso counts.

Every peso you get to stretch matters.

Every peso you put aside in savings matter too.

This is why I've decided to share with you some tipid hacks that I have been doing which has helped me survive being a single Mom for almost 12 years.

1. Batch Cooking

When you cook, make sure that you do it in batches. You can then freeze the other portions and then simply reheat when it's time to eat it. This way, you save up on time, energy, and gasoline.

The more times you need to cook, the more time you need to allot and the more gasoline you need to use.

2. Have a list, stick to it.

When you do your groceries, make sure that you buy things good for one month. Aside from exposing yourself unnecessarily to the virus when you go out, you also waste money on gas, fare, or even your energy if you go out week after week.

Doing you grocery once a month saves up a lot of time and makes it easier to track which items are being used wastefully and which items you don't need to buy again because there's still a lot left.

Having a list also guarantees that you won't buy things that are not a necessity.

3. Use quality items.

Quality items may sound more expensive than low rate ones but there's a reason for that. Quality items last longer which means you won't need to keep buying.

This is also true for diapers. I've tested so many different ones on my son Khali and with the cheaper diapers, I had to keep changing every 2 hours. With Pampers, I changed his diapers every 6-8 hours, sometimes even 10 hours especially when he's sound asleep at night. This means that I get to save a lot more money with a quality diaper than with a cheap one.

4. Apply the 3 month rule

When you want to buy something that is not really a necessity, apply the three month rule. Hold off on buying it for at least 3 months. If after 3 months you still want to make that purchase, then you can go ahead and do so. Just make sure that in the 3 months leading up to it, you're also saving for the cost that it will take.

5. Unplug

Something that almost all of us fail to do is to completely unplug devices and appliances. A plugged but turned off appliance will still run at 25%. This means we are paying for electricity that we're not really using. Unplugging not only guarantees less electric bill, it also safeguards us from potential fire.

These are things that I have been doing for the last 12 years as a single Mom. Which one did you like best?


  1. These tips are so helpful! I usually struggle with where to spend my money so thank you for this article!

  2. I am not a mother yet but these are really great hacks! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very appropriately said! Every little unit of money should be valued - and that 3 month rule is spot on!

  4. Great tips, especially right now with the pandemic. Super important to keep track of everything.

  5. Nowadays there is really a need for us to make wise decision. Saving up and being concerned on how we make money decisions.

  6. I have made use of every single one of these. The one I find the hardest, though, is the 3 month rule.

  7. Oh wow..these tips looks much helpful and interesting..Thanks for sharing them..will surely check out these ideas...

  8. Awesome tips. Super helpful. Especially now.

  9. The 3 months rule is so new to me. I was once an impulse shopper, I've been doing better. I'm now going to apply the 3-months rule. I love it!

  10. Good insight! You definitely have to save every penny when it comes to parenthood!

  11. Oooh I love the 3 month rule idea, I may have to implement that!

  12. I usually cook vegetaVegetables in batches then freeze them.
    I've noticed that a lot of time we fail to finish rice, especially if the rice is for the kids, but when I put in the freezer,it just never taste the same ��

  13. I like the idea of 3 month purchase. I will try it. And definitely agree with batch cooking

  14. These are great tips and a reminders as well. Times like this, we need to be more wise in money spending.


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