Thursday, June 11, 2020

Independence Day Deals with Huawei Tablets on Shopee

If you are a parent like me with more than one kid, you know that sometimes, a laptop is out of the budget. Thankfully, tablets nowadays are almost as good as laptops which is why I have been looking at a few Huawei tablets on Shopee as a potential gadget for online learning.

Looking at the Huawei Store on Shopee, I saw that there were quite a few choices so to help other Moms out there, here the 3 tablets that caught my attention.

The first Huawei tablet that caught my eye was the Huawei MatePad T 8 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM.

This table has Ultra-slim bezels and an 80% screen-to-body ratio with an Octa-core chipset. This means that it is very light, slim, and has a big screen.

The 5100mAh large capacity battery makes for a phenomenal battery life so that kids can enjoy their tablet for longer periods of time. No need to worry about eye strain because it comes with a kids Corner with Multi-layer eye Protection and a facial unlock.

This is still an entry level tablet that is perfect for those who do not need to do heavy tasks on their tablet. If all you need it for is basic online learning for kids and those in elementary, this is more than good enough.

If you need a fantastic eBook reader, this is also more than enough to meet your needs. The 8 inch display guarantees that it won't harm your eyes when you read and the 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM is more than enough for the basic apps that you might need.

Now for those who need more from their tablets, the Huawei Matepad Pro is the one for you. Boasting of 10 inch screen display and 6GB RAM + 128GB storage space, this tablet will definitel handle all your editing and streaming needs.

It also comes with Ambient light sensor, Accelorometer, Proximity, Compass, and Fingerprint sensor and has quick charge capabilities. This is perfect for college students and those who would like to level up their online learning.

Download the Shopee App from the App Store or Google Play so that you can take advantage of the freebies the Huawei Official Store from Shopee offers for every purchase of their tablet.

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