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5 Things you need to know about JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance

Insurance has always been a delicate topic. Some people don't want to hear it, some people are clueless, while others want to know everything they can because they understand that it matters.

For those who are clueless and want to learn more, here are 5 things that you need to know about the JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance and why you'd be crazy to not get one.


1. JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance costs less than a fancy meal. They offer two choices: Php300 and Php500 GOOD FOR A YEAR.

When you purchase the Php300 Insurance card and activate it via mobile or website, you are covered for the following for a year from date of activation.

When you purchase the Php500 Insurance card and activate it via mobile or website, you are covered for the following for a year from date of activation. 

2. If you are a Filipino citizen aged 7 to 60 years old, you can get a JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance. Even if you are living abroad, as long as you remain a Filipino citizen, you are qualified to avail of this.

3. JuanLife is not a life insurance. It is a personal accident insurance. This means that if you get into an accident and die from it, your beneficiaries will be paid the accidental death amount. If you get into an accident and become a person with disability, you can also claim the benefit.

4. People with hazardous jobs can avail of the JuanLife personal accident insurance. People who ride the motorcycle daily are also qualified.

5. You can easily avail of the JuanLife personal accident insurance. You don't even need to leave the comfort of your home. You can do it by clicking here.

Stay tuned on this blog and on my vlog for more information about JuanLife. I'll be doing a series on them because I strongly believe that every Filipino aged 7 to 60 years old should have this.



  1. This is so helpful, it's always good to have all the information you need BEFORE you need it.

  2. Very helpful post breaking all the information down. You never need insurance, until you do!

  3. I love that it is so affordable. Anybody can do it.

  4. Thanks for sharing such valuable information..This blog post is really very helpful and beneficial...Great work...

  5. There are a lot of people who think they don't need insurance until they get in an accident,their property get destroyed because of fire and so on.
    A lot of times we never think we need something til we need it.

  6. Insurance is really important. We got one for fairly cheap with good benefits.

  7. Insurance is very important nowadays you can use it in case of emergency nice post!

  8. Wow, what an affordable way of investmenting our money! Checking this out!

  9. This is so important. Another point is that this is so affordable.

  10. I agree that insurance must be known as important to all of us, thanks for sharing with us a helpful article!


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