Friday, June 26, 2020

BIG discounts on Mentos Products via Shopee on July 14

Staying fresh has never been this easy and affordable. On July 14, Mentos will be having a sale via their online shop on Shopee so you can hoard as many Mentos products as you want.

Mentos has 4 items that are going to be on sale.

Regular Price is currently at Php146 while the discounted price will be at Php124.

Regular Price at Php 86; Discounted Price at Php 64

This will be at 50% off.

My family and I are very excited to get our hands on this. It's also an added treat because the 14th of July is B's birthday so this will be an added gift because B loves the strawberry flavor of the Soda Kick.

Mentos is one of those brands that I grew up with and I'm glad that my son gets to enjoy these as well. Stay fresh. Stay connected with Mentos.

Download the Shopee app on Google Play and App Store so you can stay fresh and stay connected all the time with Mentos.

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