5 Reasons to still use a Planner

One of the things that I kept seeing as the pandemic hit was that people were regretting buying a planner. Though it is true that being stuck at home for at least 3 months meant that there were no plans being made, it doesn't mean that we don't need a planner anymore.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should still use a planner.

1. You are alive.

This means that there is still something going on with your life. There are things that you need to keep track of and there are things that you need to take care of. This means a planner or a journal is still very much needed.

2. You need to monitor things.

Planners are a great way to monitor habits. With the whole quarantine in place, it's easy to let go and just leave things to rot. Your body and health shouldn't be one of them.

You can use your planner or journal to monitor your sleep pattern, exercise, water intake, and anything that you feel you need to check yourself on to make sure that you are not straying from what is ideal.

3. Take care of your mental health.

You can use your journal to write down your thoughts, worries, and fears. It's normal to feel all these because we are living in uncertain times and we don't know what will happen tomorrow or if we will be alive tomorrow.

Your journal can be your best friend. You can write anything and no one will judge you. You can also track your moods to see if you may be in need of professional help. Again, no judgement because everyone copes in a different manner.

4. You need to adjust to the new normal.

Things are no longer how they were before so it's necessary to keep track of the changes and adjustments needed to survive the new normal. Write down your Zoom meetings and e-events so that you won't forget.

5. Memory keeping.

Just because you are not going out does not mean that you shouldn't keep a record of your daily life. You can document what is happening and this would be something that future generations would want to look at, including yourself when things eventually get back to normal.

I've been keeping one all this time. Have you?

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  1. i personally love using my planner still ha- something about writing it down makes me remember it a little bit better :)

  2. So true! Journaling is always good. Good for your mental health!

  3. Yes I also use planner. It helps me in remembering little things. It also helps with Time Management.

  4. I am a big fan of using a planner I am actually using it since high school. It's really helps me a lot most especially in time management.

  5. I always do better when I have a planner. I just bought my new one for the coming school year last week! I will combine it with my daily planner.

  6. I do use planner on my travel, This should be an routine for everyone to keep things steam line

  7. I also use planner and this is really amazing..totally agree with your all 5 reasons for using a planner...Keeping everything noted is much beneficial...

  8. I always WANT to use a planner but then I end up forgetting about it.

  9. Yes absolutely agree with you. Planning is definitely necessary. Like me, I am still using a planner at hand so I could easily grab when I need it from my table.

  10. Thank you very much.i've never used a planner but I would to

  11. Yes, we have this new normal to adjust to. A planner could definitely be very helpful.

  12. I never used planner yet.. always my decisions are sudden.. Always think about a planner... But it never happened since today ��

  13. I need to start using a planner because I would start working on something but always get distracted. A planner would help keep me on track.

  14. I think planners are the most evergreen thing in this world! You cannot not use a planner! Very true!


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