Thursday, June 11, 2020

Don't miss out on these OPPO Phones under Php10,000 from Shopee this Independence Day

With the recent pandemic, a lot of people's income was affected. People were put under no work, no pay and some were actually laid off. This meant that purchases are delegated to just the essentials.

However, mobile phones have become a necessity and when you are looking for a job, sideline, or side hustle to get you through, you need an affordable but functional phone to help you out. After all, a mobile phone is still cheaper than a laptop.

This is where the official store of OPPO on Shopee comes in. You can buy an OPPO phone under Php10,000 on Shopee without worry since you are guaranteed that the mobile phone you will be buying is authentic.

The OPPO A5 is an entry level phone that can meet basic needs nd requirements. At less than Php10,000 per unit, this is more than enough for anyone who just needs to go online, do social media, basic editing, and just use the phone to call and text.

The fact that it comes with 8MP front camera and a 12MP rear camera is definitely a bonus.

The OPPO A31 has dual sim and a 6.5inch screen. It has an internal 128GB and 4GB RAM. This is still entry level but you can do basic videos and editing with this phone. Nothing fancy, but more than enough especially if you are just learning how to do videos.

It also has bluetooth and FM which I really like. I don't know about you but I like having radio on my phone.

Free yourself from worry this Independence Day with these awesome phone choices from OPPO. It's a good thing that it's readily available on Shopee so make sure to download the Shopee app on your phone to get your hands on these deals.

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