Friday, June 26, 2020

Don't miss the Havaianas Slippers Best Sale Ever on Shopee!

One of the things that most people often overlook are slippers. Slippers are very important because they are our companion when we are walking or even when we're just relaxing at home. They matter and they need to be comfortable which is why I prefer Havaianas.

Havaianas comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and silhouettes which is perfect for Moms like me because I have too many hats to play and I need a wide array of choices. Recognized all over the world, Havaianas take you from beach to street, and can be worn confidently on any occasion, with almost any outfit.

The flip-flops can be worn all day long without sacrificing comfort and quality. More than just flip-flops, Havaianas is about experiencing life more colorfully, with confidence, and unabashed self expression.

Since we're still not able to go out, I'm just really glad that Havaianas has an official shop on Shopee and I can purchase my favorite flip flops online. The best part is this 7.7, I can get up to 40% and even avail of FREE SHIPPING. Now that's a lot of pesoses saved.

On my list would be the Pastel Pink slippers, the Purple one, and the Mickey Mouse because it's too cute! Make sure to dowload Shopee app on Google Play or App store so you can get your hands on these goodies too.

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