Monday, June 8, 2020

How to Properly Report Fake Facebook Profiles

If you're an ordinary person like me,  Sunday would have come with a surprise of duplicates for you. 

Suddenly, there's more than one account out there with your name on it. Problem is, you didn't create the fake profile. 

Another thing that we noticed: it's always your first name, second last name, and then a series of numbers. 

It's scary to be honest. Almost all my friends have reported having a fake account with their name that they never created. 

So here's how you can properly report those fake profiles. We'll use my best friends fake profile as sample. 

Click on Report Profile

Click on Pretending to be Someone, then a friend if its for a friend or ME if its you.     

After you will be asked to type the name of your friend if you are reporting for someone else. 

This is the crucial part. DO NOT CLICK DONE. Instead, click on Report Profile. 

Then click on the tickbox. 

You should see this. This is when you have successfully reported a fake account. After, you can click done. 

Why do you think there's an influx of fake accounts today? 


  1. I have tried this. Someone has made a fake account with my friends pictures but fake name. But still the account is operating.

  2. It's so scary when someone makes a fake account and steals all your pictures. It's happened to me quite a few times.

    Louise x

  3. This for this super interesting steps that we can do to avoid being a victim of modus operandi this days. Be careful guys!

  4. This is good to know. Thanks for sharing this infornation.

  5. Wonderful tips for those who don't know to report fake FB profiles!

  6. Thanks for the guide, but reporting doesn't always remove these profiles unfortunately.

  7. I did checked mine and turns out there are 4 fake FB profiles using my name! Crazy stuff, and already reported.

  8. There is nothing more annoying than finding out someone created a page using your name. This was very informative, I’m glad it's that easy.

  9. I used to get so many of these at one time. So annoying. Good to know!

  10. It's really bizarre that people spend time creating accounts in other people's names. What a nightmare and great job of your to remind us of a way to deal with it.
    Elizabeth O


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