Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Things You Need to Know About Diamond Painting

A lot of people are finally getting into diamond painting. I blame it on the whole quarantine thing. Since people are stuck at home, a lot of them found ways to be more productive or while away time.

I've been doing diamond painting for about 4 years now. I've done a lot of projects and was even able to send a Tiger project to my cousin in UK. For a lot of people, diamond painting is something that soothes their mental health because of the repetitive motion.

For those who are new, it can be a little bit overwhelming and a little intimidating which is why I am sharing a lit of things you need to know about diamond painting.

1. Patience is a virtue.

When you do diamond painting, patience is definitely a must. You need to add the beads one by one on a canvass and it's almost impossible to finish one piece overnight unless it's really small or you have nothing else to do.

2. LED Lights

One of the questions often asked is if you need to buy a LED Light. For me, it's a yes because I have bad eyesight. Also, there are patterns with crazy symbols that all look the same. LED Lights also help with reducing eye strain.

However, it is not imperative. You can also use a desk lamp if you don't have the budget for a LED light yet.

3. Tweezers vs Drill Pen

Some people will prefer tweezers while others would prefer a drill pen. Choose the one that's comfortable for you.

PRO-TIP: If you are into square beads, tweezers are best in aligning beads.

4. Start with a small canvas.

It's exciting to just go big but since this is your first time, start off with a letter sized canvas then work your way up. This was, you won't feel burnt out. I started doing diamond paintings 4 years ago and it was all big canvasses. I am enjoying the small ones now.

5. The more details in your design, the bigger your canvas needs to be. If you are doing something like Disney characters all in one page, make sure that your canvass is at least 25 inches wide. This way, you will see all the pertinent details.

6. Seal it with a Kiss.

Or use MOD PODGE or PRIMERO CLEAR to seal your finished product. This is a work of art which needs to be protected so sealing is recommended for me.

7. Stock up but don't overstock.

You will end up getting addicted so ordering around 3-5 pcs is a good idea. However, do not flood yourself and order more than 10 in one go. Sometimes, you may experience DP fatigue and find yourself not wanting to do it so make sure that there's not a huge influx in your home.

A few pieces lying around is good so that you don't run out but too much of anything is bad.

8. There is an online community for diamond painting. Here's my group but there's also other groups. Choose the ones that fit your personality and culture.

9. When buying online, always read if it's partia or full beads. Partial means there are only certain areas that will be covered by the beads and full means the entire design is made of beads.

10. Sizing. It is almost always in cm so learn to convert to inches so you have an idea of how big your kit will be.

For more tips, you can also click this to watch my video on things you need to know about diamond painting.


  1. Great tips. I'm not really good in painting but this is worth sharing.

  2. Is diamond painting like placing beads to make a pattern? I've seen some people really into this during quarantine!

  3. I have never heard of diamond painting. I am sure I would also need an LED light.

  4. Diamond painting is such a cool activity! Never tried of it before but it sounds really interesting, thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a new concept to me. Something I'll look out for. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is new to me. Something I will read more about. Thanks for sharing.

  7. ohh wow this is really much inspiring and amazing..these tips seems to be very helpful and awesome...i haven't know much about diamond paintings..Well Thanks for sharing...

  8. I've never even heard of diamond painting before so this is very fascinating to me!!

  9. My mom does this and finds it so relaxing, but I feel like it would hurt my eyes!

  10. oh amazing!!! The paintings are gorgeous! Super super love the style!!! Thanks a lot for sharing the concept with us.

  11. I have actually never heard of diamond painting before. It sounds interesting and indeed a great way to relax your mind whilst focusing on something you enjoy.

  12. I love looking at paintings and appreciating. But looks like my hands in painting doesnt look well. So I just need to appreciate a lot. THanks for sharing this post. Well noted.

  13. My daughter has been diamond painting. It is meticulous work for sure, but it is really nice and worth the time.

  14. I enjoy diamond painting. I actually began with a big canvas and completed it in a couple of months, as I did it only when I had time. The final result is stunning.

  15. I used to paint but I never tried daimond painting. I guess I wil try it out because painting makes me happy.

  16. Hmmm this is my first time to learn about diamond painting and it looks like another great hobby to try.

  17. I tried it before and its really awesome to try. Doing a diamond paintings can release stress. Great hobby too.


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