Saturday, May 28, 2016

Diamond Painting is LOVE

I've been pretty busy lately with work and the few times I have to myself, this has been what's keeping me busy.  Diamond Painting has bitten me and after almost 3 weeks, I finally finished one.

Let me take you through what it is. So this here is the box that it comes with.

There is a pattern inside as well as a green holder to place the beads on.

This here is the pattern. Isn't it gorgeous?

The beads are tagged with numbers and it comes with small ziplock plastic wraps where you can transfer the beads for safekeeping.

You just need to place the beads one by one on the corresponding markers. It's soothing and it's relaxing to the mind.

Look at how pretty the beads are.

Finally, my Diamond Painting is done. I chose this red rose because I always make my first craft project for my Mom. She loved it!

I recommend doing this if you want to relax. I love coloring but sometimes, thinking of what color to use stresses me.

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  1. How gorgeous! I just love this diamond painting. My girls would love creating art and projects with this :)

  2. You did a beautiful job, I'm sure your Mom will love it! I think that taking time to slow down & paint, draw or color helps keep things in perspective. Very fun!

  3. that's a really cool project. I'd enjoy doing that with my kids. How fun!

  4. I've never heard of diamond painting before. This is really beautiful and it seems like it would be a great stress reliever.

  5. Oh wow what an amazing project, I have to admit I've not heard of diamond painting before but it sounds quite relaxing. x

  6. So lovely to look at! I love how the diamond glitter and sparkle when touched by light.

  7. That's so awesome. I don't think I have the patience to even finish one design but I'm sure my mom will love this. She's very much into hobbies like this!

  8. This is absolutely beautiful! Painting is such a great way to relax. I haven't painted anything in years and would love to be able to take on a project like this.

  9. Stunning! I adore the shimmer of it, I just don't know if I would have the patience. My four year old would want to touch and play and snatch the gems before I could use them. But this is absolutely beautiful!

  10. Wowza, you did a great job. Very sweet that you made it for your mom.

  11. Wow, this is so amazing! I love your creativity and your hard work on this. Your mom is so lucky!

  12. wow so amazing. i love it. i would love to try this

  13. This would be something I'd want to do alone when I get some free time. Would take me a year because of these kids lol

  14. Hindi ko po alam pero wala talaga akong hilig sa arts hehe .kanta at dancing Lang .by the way ang ganda Sa mata nakakarelax po talaga


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