Friday, May 1, 2020

Recap of April 2020

Past recaps: January, February, and March.

April has been slow because the entire month, we were on quarantine but I'm still really grateful.
  1. Every member of my family is safe and healthy. 
  2. I found another writing gig to help pay the bills. 
  3. My newborn celebrated his 2nd month
  4. My firstborn did really well in school with all the online learning and assignments. 
  5. I splurged a little and got myself some Happy Planners. 
  6. I was also able to watch an entire Kdrama and even wrote a blog post inspired by it. 
  7. I learned a lot of lessons about life, love, and living in the time of COVID-19
Life is not where we want it to be and so many plans have changed and are still on standby but as long as we are alive, we will be able to adjust, manoeuvre, and make things work. 

Here's to hoping for a COVID free rest of the year for all of us.


  1. I love how appreciative you are of everything! I need to do the exact same thing and I will...Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Awesome milestones. The boys look great. And I do appreciate the fact of splurging on yourself: those Happy Planners! Way to go, GRL!

  3. Quarantine did halt our normal lives but we have to look into the positive side of it. Btw, I'm also watching Hi Bye, Mama :)

  4. The boys look healthy, especially the baby boy. Yes, there are many things we should be thankful for, despite the lockdown.

  5. Such a productive month, you should celebrate these accomplishments! Congrats on the writing gig and that is good to know that everyone is safe and healthy.

  6. I love to hear that your family is safe!

  7. Wow what a great month for you and always be safe to this pandemic especially to your newborn baby :)

  8. It's good to see that a lot of people like you are grateful that despite this lockdown, our family is healthy and safe. Your kids are productive as well!

  9. What a great month for you. What Kdrama did you watch? Did you see the new one with Lee Min Ho?

  10. So glad everyone in your life is safe and healthy! That is truly something to be thankful for!


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