Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lessons in the Time of Covid-19

Being on lockdown or isolation can teach you a lot about yourself, the people around you, your friends, and your community. I think that what's happening right now is peeling away the layers from people and even if they don't want to, their real self is slowly appearing because there's no more use for filters. 

Social distancing has become a thing. We are all locked away in our own homes and there's no need to really put on a face so to speak. When people are stripped of their comfort zones, their true selves will finally emerge. 

This lockdown that has been going on for almost 45 days has taught me so many things about myself, my relationship with other people, being a Mom, being a partner, being a friend, being part of the community, and being a child of God. 

On love 

A lot of couples have been at odds this whole quarantine. I know that M and I started off that way because we've never really been in the same house 24/7 for weeks on end. Thankfully, after one big fight, we were able to sit down and realize that we can fight but we must fight with intention and if we fight, it's because we want to sort things out and fix the relationship. 

After we agreed to do this, we have actually stopped fighting. Now, we discuss and talk things out. We say what we feel and we ask each other to do things instead of demanding. 

On life

I've realized that I want to enjoy life. I want to enjoy what I have, be grateful for what has been given to me, and to choose to make life happier. 
How we deal with life is our choice. Always.

On staying home 

I've been staying home for months now. First, it was because I was about to give birth then we had the Taal Volcano eruption. After, I gave birth and then we had COVID-19 and until now, I'm just at home. It's been almost 5 months for me of staying home. 

Weird enough, it hasn't really bothered me. I thought I would want to go out or be climbing up the walls but I've been too busy to notice that I have not been out of the house for 5 months.

On working from home 

I have been working from home for 7 years now. It was really hard at the start because often, people don't understand that you're working when you're sitting in the living room in your pajamas facing your laptop. 

It took a while but eventually, my family started to equate me being on a laptop at home to working so they learned to give me space.

This quarantine, it's been the same set up for me except for the fact that everyone else is home too. Thankfully, we've been able to set boundaries and I work mostly at night when everyone else is sleeping so there's less distraction except when my newborn makes a fuss which he no longer does as often thankfully. 
On living 

I think this is the one thing that I have learned the most. I'd like to believe that I am still able to live despite being inside the four corners of my house. 

I still make connections with friends. I put out content that helps other people. I make a difference in the life of my children and my partner. I contribute to my small community in a positive manner. 

Life can be lived when you choose to do so. A life worth living is one where you do something good to impact someone's life and I'd like to believe that I am able to do that. 

What have you learned in this time of COVID-19?


  1. This is an inspiring article. When everyone is complaining how bad the situation is, but here you are looking at the positive side of the crisis.

  2. everything has a positive side but the point is which side we wants to see.... this blog looks much inspiring.... Thanks for sharing them..... everyone should be aware that this situation is not that bad.....

  3. Rachel (patientandkind)April 30, 2020 at 3:07 AM

    Great read. I think a lot of us are taking this time to re-evaluate our lives and what is important to us.

  4. Continue staying at home! Safer for everyone. Enjoy the life and celebrate your new baby and the family!

  5. It's in these times while we're stuck at home with our family that we realize lessons like these. It can also a form of bonding time and more getting to know.

  6. Such an inspiring post to read. This time of crisis, many people complaining in government why the things happens and getting worse. But seeing other people thinking in a positive ways makes us stronger.

  7. This is a great time to learn about what we actually want from life!

  8. These trying times have also been a great for reflection and learning new things about ourselves

  9. WOw reallly inspiring i really inspired

  10. It has been a struggle to be used to so much time at home. But many lessons have been learned!

  11. Everything has a positive and negative side, your article is very inspiring for me though.

  12. This is a great time to learn new skills and use that when lock down will be over.


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