Monday, May 29, 2017

Cruisin' in Hong Kong

The 3rd city on our #LoveStarCruises tour is one that I have been to twice already and one that has come to mean a lot to me. This was the first country I have been to and the first one where my entire family and I went on vacation to.

Memories, memories, memories.

This cruisin' in Hong Kong led to many more memories being made but this time, with D.

when selfies become a struggle coz you have a resident photobomber
This time around, we got lost. We literally got lost and had to ask so many people for directions and questions to get to Mongkok. For some reason, I just couldn't remember the right signs to look for. Good thing D was still a good sport and just told me that we can just walk around and soak in the sights. Unfortunately, perhaps because this was the 3rd city, my crankiness level was way up high and being that we really do not know each other that well, I thought he wasn't in the mood because he was silent and we ended up fighting.

YES, again. It was bad enough on my end that I even told him to go back to the ship on his own but thankfully he saw through my temper tantrum and he decided to pull me and just lead the way. We ended up here.

He knows me so well that he knew a cup of coffee or milk tea would work wonders on me. He literally dragged me to this place for which I am very happy. For this shot, I thought of the idea and by this time around, I was feeling more cheerful and amiable. You see, I could never fake photos. For some reason, my true feelings show up in my eyes and it's always a little impossible to do a fake happy photo with me. Thankfully by the time this photo happened, we were already okay.

The milk tea was pretty awesome but the pastry was a little bit too strawberry-ish for me. It was just an overload of strawberry for me. Perhaps if you love strawberries, it will work but for me it did not.

Afterwards, we went back to Mongkok and this time around, everything fell into place. Perhaps it was good juju but this time around, everything was good. We tried a few dishes: snails, cheesecake, and oyster cake.

The snail was spicy but in a really good way. The cheesecake had 4 flavors: green tea, cheese, durian, and Taro. All of them were pretty good and the flavor really hits you in the face. The oyster cake was crunchy and good as well. This was a definite win for D and I.

Afterwards, we roamed around. We had 16,000 steps each.

He also got me a surprise in Hong Kong. You see, I saw this carousel and I really liked it. Unfortunately, by this time we have already used up our Hong Kong dollars. This cost 280HKD and we had 60HKD. I told them we couldn't afford it and we left.

On our way back to the MTR, D had a moment. For some reason he decided to get me the carousel and had his money changed to HKD. Can you imagine the happiness I felt? You probably can't. I actually cried!

Overall the few hours we had was not enough to see Hong Kong at all. Perhaps a cruise really is not meant for eveyrone but for someone who just needs a quick break, this one is definitely an option.

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