Friday, May 5, 2017

Zenfone LIVE and going LIVE

I have never been a fan of Facebook LIVE or Periscope. In fact, Snapchat and IG stories did not also make the cut when it comes to my Top 5 favorite social media platforms. It just wasn't my thing. I couldn't understand why people woud go "live" on a social media platform when they weren't celebrities.

Seriously, who would watch you?

When I was initially asked by ASUS to review the Zenfone LIVE, I had hesitations. Okay, I had MAJOR hesitations. After all, I wasn't a fan of going on Facebook LIVE and yakking my heart out to possibly no one. At least with my site, if no one reads it, it won't hurt unlike seeing 0 in your watching you window.

Of course, being the trooper that I am, I said yes and the first day I had this with me was the same day I went to Malaysia for Influence Asia. I had 0 sleep for 2 days and it was possibly the worst start to a Facebook LIVE but the Zenfone LIVE promised to let me #LiveStreamBeautifully so I can #LetsGoLive anytime anyday and I wanted to test if it could actually deliver on what it said so I went ahead and whipped it out, clicked GO LIVE and was blown away.



The Facebook LIVE # 1 was literally beautified and I looked like I had so many hours of sleep. I had rosy cheeks, no pores, and just plain alive. It was amazing. Look up all the #ZenfoneLive hashtags coz all my videos are on public. This was back in April 7 and you would see that I am not lying. It is so amazing!!! Click on this link to watch it. Afterwards in my hotel room, running on more than 40 hours of no sleep, this is how I looked in the video.  This is my video upon waking up, literally, I looked presentable still.


The Zenfone Live comes in 2 different colors: rose gold and gold. What I have is the rose gold and I love that though I am not a fan of the color pink, this was one is actually easy on the eyes. It is also very light and compact. It will barely make a dent in your pocket but it is also formidable. You may drop it and ensure that it will still work though I won't suggest you do.

The speakers may look small but it's good enough to listen to in an average room if you're with 2 or 3 people.

The back of the phone looks sleek and you wouldn't be ashamed to whip it out in front of people because the overall look is still very stylish. Perfect for doing Facebook LIVE and having this propped on a small tripod.


5MP Front Camera

13MP Rear Camera


When you use data on this, it actually lasted 5 hours. Without data but on WiFi, it lasted around 9 hours. When you just leave it alone, it lasts around 1.5 hours.

So as you can all see, the Zenfone LIVE delivers on the following:

1. Beautify you while you are livestreaming via Facebook and IG Stories.
2. You can also record and upload to YouTube or Facebook and be guaranteed that you will look beautiful in your videos.
3. 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera which means that it's your standard camera but then again, the selling point of this phone is the livestreaming beautification
4. Audio wise, as you can hear from watching the videos, it is able to pick up the sound pretty well so there's no need for a mic unless you also want noise cancellation and the like.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a child who needs to have a phone with him so he can be easily contacted as well as any budding YouTuber or Facebook LIVE person who just wants to be more confident when facing the camera. It gets rid of the flaws and it is easy on the budget at 6,995PHP.

I wouldn't recommend this for harcore gamers or those who want to shoot videos professionally. For beginners, defnitely a yes but not for PRO levels. Again, manage expectations because this is a phone meant for you to use when you livestream and for that purpose, this phone delivers. Here are more links for you to check out what the Zenfone LIVE is like. For now, excuse me as I set up for another Facebook LIVE, something I have become addicted to since I started using the Zenfone LIVE.

YouTube video Initial Impression

YouTube video First Look

Simul-LIVE of 5 Zenfone LIVE

Full review here.

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