Thursday, May 4, 2017

BLOG CONTEST: I Stabbed a Unicorn

Ever had one of those moments where you just feel like the world is ganging up on you and there is nothing that can make you smile or feel better? Well, think of that day and then think of the cutest or most innocent creature you can think of, say a Unicorn, and then stab that unicorn in your head. There is just something perversely satisfying about stabbing a unicorn in your head when you are mad because it's something that most people would gasp at in disbelief and sometimes, this is what you need from people.


I stabbed a Unicorn is a playlist that I have created along with the help of D to play in the background for those days when you don't really feel mad at the world but you are sick and tired of everyone around you, yet you need to smile and just be happy because you are so #blessed (I hope the sarcasm was felt in that statement.)

This playlist is set to make you feel better about your crappy day. It's the playlist that doesn't make sense coz sometimes, you just have days that do not make sense. This is the playlist that lets you be and doesn't try to make you into something else. Just go. Just stab a unicorn and feel better afterwards.

Now that you feel a lot better, follow this playlist and like me on Spotify. 3 of my followers will win something special from Spotify should I have the most number of followers at the end of June 2017. So let's make it happen guys. Also, I'll throw in a bluetooth speaker because what else can make Spotify better? Blasting Spotify from a bluetooth speaker that's what.

Comment below once you are done following me.. I will randonly draw a winner by the end of May and end of June. Again, just follow me on Spotify. Happy listening and happy stabbing.

with Spotify management and D

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