Friday, May 12, 2017

AVON Fashion Gifts for Mom

It’s that time of the year when everyone suddenly remembers the beauty of having a Mom and they shower Moms with appreciation which they should have been showering Moms with all along. AVON is in line with this and since AVON has always been about women empowerment, and who else better to empower than MOMS who can do almost anything.

Sometimes though, Moms tend to look harried because they give all their time to the people around them that they no longer have time for themselves. However, one of the best fashion icons kids can have are their Moms and with AVON Fashions, the shopping destination for the most stylish and affordable gifts, finding a fitting accessory to give to your Mom won’t be so hard anymore. Show your appreciation for your Mom through the gift suggestions that Avon has for Mother’s Day. These are the gifts that will make Moms truly feel they are the superheroes in your lives.


The Sweet Sayings 5-piece imitation gold earring gift set is something that Moms will appreciate for their quality yet practical appeal. The set comes in various accents: cream faux pearl, red and mint enamel, as well as round brilliant cut crystal acrylic. The packaging for this gift set is creatively set with a cheesy yet adorable message specifically addressed to Moms coz there is no better day to go all cheesy than on Mother’s Day.

If Mom is not into earrings but bracelets, the Sweet Sayings Charm Bracelet will tell moms how we think of them: precious and sensible. Accented by ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue acrylic crystals, these charms are held together by a chain and other symbolic charms in imitation gold. Both sets are sold at only Php399.


To complete the Mother’s Day surprise for Moms, Avon Fashions suggests a Jodi Stylish and Imari Seduction purse concentre gift set that costs only Php599. The purple leatherette bag can serve as both a clutch bag and a sling bag. If you can throw in an additional Php399, you can get the Chiara 3-piece ring and 2-piece earring gift set in a butterfly box as well as the special Avon Fashion Mother’s Day gift that will definitely make any Mom giddy with all the attention.

Surely, there are many ways to make Mom feel better and pay tribute to the superheroes in our lives by giving them gifts that is functionaly yet stylish and something that has good value for money. After all, Moms are very keen on those things. Grab these gift sets in time for Mother’s Day from or through any Avon representative.

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