Thursday, June 8, 2017

FITme from Maybelline

One of the things that I am not a fan of would be foundations in any way or form. Call me conceited but I have never really had a need for it and so I never used one, until now that is. Probably with age comes the black marks, uneven skin tone, and what not but lately, I have found myself searching for a foundation, powder, or concealer that is light on the skin, airy, and a true match of my skin color. I thought there would be none until finally, Maybelline brought over the FITme line.

Today I was able to give it a try and though I was a bit hesitant, I let Rochelle the makeup artist assigned to me work her magic. 3 things that I noticed about the FITme line:

1.      It is easily absorbed by my skin.
2.      It felt light and airy.
3.      I looked like I had absolutely no foundation on.

This was exactly what I had been looking for because I hated that cakey feeling most foundations would give you. I hated that itchy and dry feeling it leaves on your skin but I have had the FITme foundation and concealer on my skin for more than 5 hours now and it doesn’t feel like I have any on. 

There are 3 shades that the FITme line follows: Light, medium, and dark. For light, they have 3 subcategories which is classic ivory, nude beige, and warm beige. Sand and porcelain can also land here. For the medium one, this is the most diverse because this is where natural beige comes in, pure beige, soft tan, natural buff, true beige, rich tan, and medium falls. For dark, it’s all about coconut, toffee, sun beige, café, and deep.

I fall under dark. Now a lot of people would react to being called dark but I didn’t mind. The shade for me is Sun Beige, Toffee, and Café. Personally, it’s not an issue to me. Dark is beautiful and I may not be beautiful to a lot of people but I feel that I am and that’s what matters at the end of the day. 

still fresh even after 9 hours of wearing FITme foundation

What you think of yourself matters more than what others think. In the long run, you are the only one who will make things happen for yourself and it starts with confidence. 

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