Thursday, November 19, 2015

no to verbal assault

Last night, I was hosting at a resto-bar in Alabang. I regularly host a quiz night there every Wednesday and for the most part, it has been uneventful . I would go there, do my thing, go home. The regulars barely speak to me except for hi's and hellos. I was used to it and I kind of like that it was all very casual.

Last night however was a very different story.

Aside from our regulars, we had a new team that joined us last night. I was initially apprehensive because one of them was already quite drunk and very loud. However, we don't turn away people unless they are really out of hand and so he was allowed to join.

We flashed the categories 20 minutes before PUB QUIZ night started. Everything was going pretty well and one of the first questions asked was even about the name of the arena where the Paris attack happened and no one reacted. 7th category comes in and it was named TERRORISTS (history).

We were on question #3 when it happened. The German guy asked if we were also going to ask about the Paris attack and I told him that he would just have to wait until the questions have been asked. I thought he wanted to know if  it was going to be a question because he knew the answers to it or something to that effect. Much to my surprise, on the 5th question, he stood up, started yelling and cussing, then tore up papers in front of me.

He was very mad that we were asking questions about terrorism but it didn't make sense because we flashed the categories and we already asked a question about the Paris attack, The rest were terrorist attack in the past and none of them were about Germany. He just took it personally and did not handle it well because he was drunk.

Verbal assault is a crime. He was cursing at me, pointing fingers, and he was harassing me. I felt harassed and threatened. It was such a struggle maintaining calm and poise while having someone randomly spew curses at you and yelling at you while you're hosting.

I've come to realize that words really can hurt and damage someone. I was a victim of this before and I was also a perpetrator. Verbal assault is not okay. It never has been, it never will be.

I am trying to understand where he is coming from but it was hard amidst all the hate he was spewing from his mouth. I think the fact that he was German was his main thing. Someone told me that it is fear because of the whole Hitler thing but it was really uncalled for.  I just hope that he soon learns that throwing out hate against hate is never the solution.

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