Thursday, November 19, 2015

ASUS PRO Laptops

I cannot live without my laptop. Yes, I am one of those people who say that and actually mean it. You see, my work is all online and with my laptop, I can easily do everything that I want to. My laptop is sort of my lifeline when it comes to making a living.

However, when it conks out on me or gives me attitude, there is nothing more I'd like than to smash it or at the very least, rattle it a little in the hopes of making it work. If I do that though, it may just as well die. Thankfully, with the ASUS PRO lineup, I can now vent out my frustations on my laptop. Actually, with the new ASUS PRO lineup, I don't see the need for me to do any of that.

The new line up is so durable. It is also very sleek, efficient, fast, and very stylish. It has both the aesthetic and the strength needed to run everything in perfect order. The laptop and the PC are both a must have for anyone who wanted to have something sleek and something very useful.

ASUS today announced the launch of the ASUSPRO PC Lineup -  a business centric PC solution catered to elevate and empower any business. With passion of improving businesses worldwide, ASUS PRO Series delivers above industry standard innovations in business notebooks such as Military Grade Durability, Smart and secure solutions, long battery life and ultra-portable designs for mobility.

With the wide product range of ASUS such as Desktop PCs, Displays, Wireless Routers, and Smartphones. ASUS aims to deliver business solutions that are flexible and can be customized specifically to the needs of any industry. While delivering efficiency and quality productivity.

Education Solutions

Description: Education-Solutions

As classrooms are getting more invested into digital activities, different tools are needed to properly communicate the lessons. With the portable ASUS S1 Projector and ASUSPRO D31MT Desktop and ASUS VX279H, teachers can easily adjust for any activity, perfectly translating each class into a mobile and visual discussion. The ASUS S1 Projector is a 6,000mAh portable power bank and projector in one, displaying images up to FULL-HD (1920x1080) with up to 40” clear display projection and is a perfect blend of mobility and functionality. While the ASUS D31MT Desktop delivers optimal performance for presentations, demonstrations, and video, with color accurate displays from the VX279H FULL HD IPS monitor.

Enterprise Solutions

Description: Enterprise-Technology-Solutions

Business is a 24/7 endeavor and with multiple transactions and demands coming from different locations and time zones, it is best to be prepared with the latest technologies. The ASUS PRO B and P series notebooks exceed the standards of Security, Durability and Flexibility of business perfect for any fleet of employees especially on field duties. During conferences, the affordable ASUS Chromebox PC delivers complete Google business solutions such as cloud storage, office and video conferences for meeting rooms.

Small and Medium Business

Description: Small-and-Medium-Business-Solutions

Connectivity is key to any business and having an effective communication is tantamount to success and opens opportunities. Routers such as the ASUS RT-AC87U can help streamline businesses with its cloud based storage, wireless printing solutions, and bandwidth prioritizing for better network management, to deliver a faster and secure network connection. Partnered with the ASUS PRO BP1AD desktop, a stable and reliable workstation thanks to its stringent durability and high-quality parts, expect office workflow to be more cost-efficient due to sound investment. Another noteworthy feature is the ASUS-exclusive Energy Processing Unit, a chip that enables ASUS desktops to cut down on electricity consumption by up to 30%.

Retail and Service
Description: Retail-and-Service-Solutions

An elegant and dependable POS machine is of outmost importance in fronting and dealing with customers. With the ASUS PRO A4320 AIO, business owners can make use of both the mouse and touchscreen for flexibility in catering to orders while being backed up with a 3-year parts and service warranty for outmost reliability. On the other hand, the ZenPad 7 Z370CG and ZenPad S 8.0 Z580CA provide unique interaction to customers by accepting orders with its light and portable design. Both tablets are equipped with an IPS display making them capable of visualizing indulging photos for a more convincing delivery.

Availability and Pricing
For a complete business solution consultation you contact ASUS Philippines at +639175592631 or email at You can also contact ASUS Philippines at +632-631-4715.

More Information
All commercial products of ASUS Philippines can be searched at for more information and detailed specifications

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