Friday, November 27, 2015

Doc Pao and his Christmas Diet Tips

They even say that the best people are those who love to eat and in a way it is true. However, when you ruin your own health because the food you eat is not good for your body, then it is no longer recommended that you indulge too much. Luckily, we have someone like Doc Pao who can give us pointers and tips on how to maintain a good diet even during the Christmas madness.

Tip #1 Let food be your medicine and medicine your food. This means that the food you take in should help revitalize your body, reenergize your health, and rejuvenate your broken cells. You need to ensure that you are still following the go, grow, glow pyramid and this doesn’t have to mean boring food. There are so many healthy recipes and healthy food you can indulge in without having to sacrifice your health.

Tip #2 We are what we eat. This is true. When we eat too much fats, too much oily things, and too much pork, we tend to grow our waistline, thighs, and become heavier much like the source of the food we eat. When we take in more greens, more fuits, and more vegetables, our skin becomes clearer, brighter, and glowing. Now you decide. Which one would you prefer between the two given examples?

Tip # 3 Christmas is not an excuse to let go. People always use Christmas as a valid reason to indulge too much and not care about what they are eating. This is wrong. If we eat too much of the wrong thing, our health suffers and if our health would suffer especially from irreversible damages to our arteries and heart, we just might not be around for the next festivities. Besides, suffering from a potential cardiac arrest can be a real party pooper.


Tip # 4 Eat in moderation. It is the holidays so yes, indulge ONCE IN A WHILE. If you had lechon for lunch, don’t have it for merienda or dinner anymore, not even a midnight snack. Pair all of your food items with salad but go for the fruit types. If you are having macaroni salad, then portion wise, it should not be as big as your plate.

Lastly, love life and love yourself. This is actually the best Christmas gift we can give our loved ones. A good health and a longer life that is lived well beats everything else that you can possibly give them. When we see a rainbow on the table during Christmas time, the best rainbow seen is still the consumption of food filled with phyto rich vitamins. Get that instead of the cakes and pastries that may cause thickening of blood and hardening of arteries.

Enjoy Christmas, be wise and live a Legacy.

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