Sunday, November 15, 2015

goodbye bear ...

Final words to the man who held my heart in his hands for the last 8 months.

Thank you for throwing me away. You made me realize that whatever we have, it's not worth anything to you. I was convenient, fun, flirty, and someone who gave you a good time. Now that I am not able to do it for you anymore, you just threw me aside just like that.

Thank you for throwing my love away. You made me see that I was giving it to the wrong person. I love you with all of my heart. You were lucky coz I only loved a few the way I did you.

Thank you for throwing us away. We haven't been okay for quite some time but I could never break it off. I kept thinking, it will get better, we will get better but you ended it. Thank you for making me see that it won't get better. There is nothing anymore.

I'm not mad at you. I do not wish you ill. I am hurt. I hurt because I love you and you didn't love me enough to stay. I pray you find your path. I pray that you find the happiness you seek but never seem to get. I pray that you heal. I pray that you learn to appreciate the people who love you and care for you.

I love you ... goodbye.

Final note: 

Nang mawala ka sa akin, ikaw at ako’y nawalan:
Ako dahil ikaw ang minahal ko nang lubusan.
At ikaw dahil ako ang sa iyo’y lubusang nagmahal.
Ngunit sa ating dalawa ay ikaw ang higit na nawalan:
Dahil pwede kong mahalin ang iba tulad nang pagmamahal ko sa iyo ngunit ika’y ‘di mamahalin tulad nang kung paano kita minahal.

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