Monday, November 9, 2015

Doc Pao Moves Forward

2015 will soon be over but Doc Paolo Bellosillo remains unstoppable and is actually already making plans for the upcoming 2016. As they say, when you want to accomplish something, the best time to get started is now and not tomorrow.

Despite his busy schedule, Doc Pao was able to take time off to sit down and answer a few questions regarding his future plans and I can definitely say that 2016 will be an awesome one for Doc Pao and most especially the people around him, for first on his list is to save lives. Having gotten to know Doc Pao over the past few months, one can no longer question his dedication to saving lives and doing everything within his means to ensure that each patient he treats not only lives but lives a quality life.

Quality of life is very important to Doctor Paolo Bellosillo and this is why he continues to learn new things to ensure that every single patient that passes him by will leave his hands with more love for life and with a yearning to have the best life he possibly can.

Since Doc Pao is not one to keep all the information and expertise he has accumulated, he also plans to take it to the next level and he would like to have more speaking engagements not just in Metro Manila but beyond. After all, the farther the reach, the more people will learn from him and the more people can spread his creed of giving not just life but quality life.

Doc Pao is also open for TV appearances and anything that is needed to reach a wider audience because this way, he can reach people that he may never meet in life. If he can make another life be better because they saw him talk about his kind of medicine on TV and they learned from it, then his purpose in this world would have already been served. Still, why stop at 1 when you can possibly save a million lives?

Doc Pao knows that there will be challenges and he actually welcomes them. He knows that these challenges will help him become a better person, doctor, and practitioner. He values life because he has already been to where his patients are and he is living proof that it can be overcome .He has had a heart attack but God gave him a chance to live once more and now, he wants to make sure that his life has a meaningful purpose.

In addition the whole medical system or holistic medicine approach is very promising in that many people have actually have wanted to go through it especially Doc Pao. It seems to me that Doc Pao is more than ready to take on 2016 and we can definitely say that with these goals, we are more than happy to support him in any way we can.

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