Saturday, November 28, 2015

if this is my last night with you ...

At some point, one way or another, when we know that the relationship we are in is about to end, we wished for this moment. One more day, one more chance, one more night. We ask for one more kiss, one more hug, one more touch, one more night of passion.

I know I have.

MU ... if I could have one more night with you, I would want to spend it lying in your arms. I never really got to experience this with you, just lying down, talking, with my head on your chest. I guess it was because we were too young and we never really had a moment alone all to ourselves.

JM, I would sit down with you over dinner and talk. You were good to me. It just really became boring and tedious. We saw too much of each other and too little of the world. It just wasn't healthy anymore. I would ask to sit down with you and talk about life, goals, and what else we can do now that we are parting ways. The way we ended, it wasn't how I wanted it to end.

RS, oh God, RS. You were the one that I let go. If I could have one more night with you, I actually don't know what I want to do. I'd probably just wanna spend it wrapped in your arms, sitting on top of a mountain, looking at the stars, and have you sing To Be With You to me again. I would want to have one more night just being with you.

FM, we've had so many last nights together. For the last 3 years, every time we would see each other, it has been a last night. You didn't know it but when I saw you last at your hotel when you were sick, it was the last. In a way, it was perfect. You held me in your arms and I hugged you to sleep. You were very sick and I took care of you. I want that to be our memory of us.

Bear, my dear YM, the most recent guy to break my heart. I wish that our last night was back in July before you left for the land down under. It would have been perfect for us. It would have been a wonderful memory between the two of us but you wanted more and now you have destroyed the beauty of our story.

At one point, they loved me and I loved them, perhaps more than I should have, perhaps less than I should have. Still, sometimes, you can't help but ask ...

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