Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yahoo OMG Awards

I was at URBN Bar and Resto earlier today to attend the press conference for the 3rd year of the Yahoo OMG Awards. I was pretty happy since it was my first time and I could actually participate and vote for my favorite stars.

Upon entering the place, we were asked to register and given our press kits. I got lucky that I was seated at a table near the entrance and our host for the night, Mr. JM Rodriguez and one of the guest, Icee Mendoza.

When the introduction and discussions were done, the guest of honor for the night was called and it was no other than Charice. The media and bloggers were given the honor of choosing who they thought was the Yahoo OMG Media Magnet and she was the one voted by most. I completely understand upon meeting her because she was so real and so down to earth.

After the launch, everyone was given the chance to ask questions, conduct interviews, and of course, vote for their favorite artists. I, on the other hand, took my time looking through who I would vote for and now have a list of stars who I want to support.

Thank you Yahoo OMG for this wonderful afternoon. Thank you also for recognizing that it is the fans who make or break a star and who will decide who gets to take home an OMG award.

Voting for nominees is open online and via text messaging OMG HELP to 2910 to all networks from now until July 12, 2013. The purple carpet awards night, set for July 19, will take place at Mall of Asia Arena. Tickets are available free at any SM Cinema outlet.

Users can follow the Awards on Twitter at @yahooph #omgawardsph and “Like” its Facebook page on; regular updates will be featured on Yahoo! OMG! site at

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