Monday, June 24, 2013

why girls become better ...

A 24 year old guy asked a question during lunch break yesterday at work. I say the words "lunch break" loosely because this was at 2am in the morning since we were on the graveyard shift. He asked, "How come you girls get all dolled up and prettier after getting dumped?"

The older men who were around started shaking their heads in pity for the poor boy who did not know better. The female population of course went ballistic and started sprouting out all the words in machine gun format. The poor boy didn't understand what was happening.

After, we tried explaining to him but I think the shock of being asked this question kind of put me on firing mode and he didn't really get the answer he need. So, here I am, at 1am on a Monday writing about why girls just become a better and hotter version of themselves after getting dumped.

So Glenn, I hope this sheds light for you.

Girls don't immediately get better after getting dumped. We fell in love and when the person we love leaves, we don't just transform into an upgraded version of us.

We fall apart. Yes, we fall apart. We're human. We're girls. We're emotional and the guy that we thought would never leave us, the guy who PROMISED that they would never leave, LEFT. So yes, we fall apart.

We cry our hearts out, we sob ourselves to sleep, we weep at random moments. We become so ugly and so broken that we don't even recognize ourselves in the mirror. We question our self worth, our face, our body, every conversation, every move, every scene that transpired between you and me. We examine everything and try to find out where we went wrong.

Einstein would be proud of how thorough we are in our analysis. Unfortunately, we are never thorough enough and there really is no way that we can pinpoint and say, "this is where things went wrong."

Now, you'd probably say "how come we never see that phase?" Of course you wouldn't. You left remember? You left us. You bailed out and gave up just like that.

After breaking down and becoming this pathetic heap lying on the floor, our friends or family would eventually find us. They'd try to help  and listen, be there for us, and console us but sooner or later, they'd kick us out of the rut you pushed us into and make us realize that we need to help ourselves.

Now, since you're no longer there, we find ourselves with a lot of free time and nothing to do. Now, what does a girl who have free time on her hands do? I think you know.

We keep ourselves busy. We clean the house, we fix things, we fix ourselves, we work out, we do this and we do that. We will do almost anything just to keep ourselves busy because to have free time would mean endless amount of thinking of the ex and that, that is just not acceptable.

When we have free time, we think and girls are very famous for over thinking. To avoid that, we do things that we weren't able to because we were either busy taking care of you or just being with you. Now we can do things we want to which made you go "ewww" or "oh really? We gotta do that?"

Working out is also one of the best ways to keep yourself not thinking and so, when women discover this, they resort to working out which leads to becoming hotter after a break up. Also, when we realize that we are actually losing weight and looking better, why would we stop?

So there ... that's the mystery of why girls become better and hotter after being dumped. It's not a "plan" that we devise. It's just how girls cope. It' just because we need to keep busy because if we don't ... we will go crazy because we are hurting so much from being left alone by the one person we believed would never leave us.


Maybe, if you had stuck around when I was at my worst, you''d get to have me when I'm finally at my best. You see, no one is perfect. Fairy tales aren't true. Relationships go through hell, but they also go to heaven. It's why it is a commitment. You commit to it, through heaven and hell. Serendipity may help but all it can do is to give you signs. It's still your actions that will determine who gets in your life and who leaves.

The fruit isn't just gonna fall into your mouth. You gotta stand, walk up to it, and pluck it from the tree before it goes to waste or someone else gets to it.


  1. I feel for you, because we are on the same boat. Let's just hope and have faith things will be better

    1. It will ... we just don't know when but I know it will. It has to.

  2. This is so true.. Then, there's also another motive... To prove something to your ex -- either make him regret the stupid decision he made, or just to prove your world doesn't stop just because he left. ^^

    1. Mine was really to just not think. It was a way to keep my mind so busy that I won't have time to think at all.

  3. yup,we should respect women,wondrful post.

  4. This is true though there are person who sulk endlessly and there's the one who moves on and those are the one who become a better version.

    1. they just need someone to kick them in the ass ... I would still be wallowing in self pity and be sulking like some pathetic retard if my friends and family are not rallying ... notice that I said rallying because they still are encouraging me .... I still fall in self pity and emotional backslash from time to time ...

  5. very well written... and Sumi Go has a point too...nothing I can add more... clap clap clap!

  6. whoah.. the pain is coming back..

  7. Been there, done that sis!

    Back in 2005, my husband (then bf) broke up with me (lakas ng loob makipag-break ng mokong). I was, of course, devastated. For a month or so I would chase after him, call him, text him, show up at his workplace, hoping that we could patch things up if we spend more time together.

    The boy wouldn't budge, I got fed up, and for the next two or three months I dolled myself up, went on a diet, and partied on an almost nightly basis. While I did this, he stayed at the sidelines, watching. And when I started dating again, he realized what he was missing and what he was going to lose.

    We ended up back in each others' arms, and six months later, he proposed. The rest is history. :)


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