Mezza Norte: Roasterrific

This is the first kiosk that I was able to try when I visited Mezza Norte last Sunday courtesy of an invitation from one of their Marketing. Roasterrific is a family owned business and is personally manned by the brother sister tandem of Jeff and Valerie Chao.

They sell Herbalicious Lechon (Php120) and Peking Style Roast Chicken (Php99). I personally loved the Lechon because it was seriously to die for. Layers of meat and herbs in between just gave that oomph their lechon needed to kick the competition out of the running. I promised myself that I wouldn't eat more than 3 bites but ended up finishing 1.5 servings. Woe my diet.

It seems that the secret to the deliciousness of this lechon is the fact that they personally marinade and stuff the herb in their meat then use a rotisserie. They also ensure that a ritual of tapping the meat is done before it gets chopped because this is how they gauged if it is crispy enough. Imagine that. A tap and its done!

They also ensure that the sauce that comes with their meat is cooked everday, meaning they do not use leftovers. They have mild spicy and extra spicy and the best thing about it is that it is preservative free.

For inquiries or if you would like to do a bulk order, here are all the details that you need. If you have a potluck and would like to wow your friends or family, order their Herbalicious Lechon. You will never go wrong.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION.