Sunday, June 9, 2013

positive vs negative

B has been acting up a wee bit lately and so I had to come up with a new strategy to get him to behave. You see, I used to spank him then I realized that it didn't really work anymore. So I went for the lets talk about this route. It worked for a time but then it stopped working. This month, I finally came up with a solution that seems to work.

Everyday, we track B's progress. If he was overall good for the day, he gets a smile. If he did something that was really bad, he gets a sad face. At the end of the month, if there are more smiles than frowns, he gets a big treat such as 5 books or swimming at Ace Water Spa. It could also be 3 hours at Tom's World or a movie date with dinner. =)

If he gets more frowns, then I take away some privileges for the first week of the next month. He has agreed to this and so far, we've had 2 bad days. Today, he was really excited to get that smile. I loved that he was very excited to get that smile and I look forward to seeing more smiles.

I did tell him that regardless of how many frowns he gets, I'd still love him. Also, he made this today. I'm so happy. Taking away the laptop for 2 days straight made him more creative.

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