Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rica's 5th Birthday

Rica is my goddaughter. I attended her first birthday party but apparently, I've been too busy and skipped the next 3. This year, I was able to attend again and I brought B, FM, and kids.

The theme of the party was Dora the Explorer and even the host wore a Dora outfit. Our gift was also something Dora. Teehee.

Anyway, when we got there, I felt the excitement meant only for kids because the place was so colorful. Best part of it was actually a ferris wheel cupcake holder. I definitely want one of these.

As with any normal birthday parties, there were a lot of games and fun fare.

We all had fun at Rica's 5th birthday party. B had a lot of Angry Bird  goodies as well as Spiderman items and we, the adults,  enjoyed the food, the milk tea, cupcakes, and photo booth. :)

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