Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fridate with Karl

FM and I normally go on Fridates. Sometimes, it would be something fancy but more often than not, its just laid back dates. What matters to us on our Fridates is that we are together, catching up since we normally do not see each other Sunday to Thursday.

Yesterday, we had an addition to our Fridate. My brother Karl ended up with us because his usual Fridate did not push through. We ended up at Gateway Mall and had dinner at Cafe Adriatico.

We loved the kare kare and crispy pata. I could have eaten a lot more but the duo mushroom soup that I had was so good paired with the bread that it took up all the space in my stomach.

After dinner, we watched a movie and this was the highlight of the night. You see, FM asked if I had watched in Gateway and upon answering no, he was pretty excited. He said, you will be watching in the 3rd nicest cinema.

For some reason, this did not sink in my head. When I saw the cinema, I actually gave a small screen. It was apparently the Platinum Cinema of Gateway Mall. SO COOL!

This is how our Fridate with Karl went. Great dinner, great cinema, and a great movie. =)

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