Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jay and Jeo ... a meet up

I met them both December of 2011. It was a bloggers meet up that led to Jeo and myself being part of Jay's wedding and now, we're godparents to Jay's baby, Caleb. So when Jay said he was gonna be in the country,  a meet up was inevitable.

Resorts World was the place of choice this time as opposed to Makati last time. Thankfully, no one was late this time. We met at Starbucks which was fitting since Jay got me Riyadh and Saudi Starbucks Citymugs.

While we were there, FM played a trick on the barista. Since my name is Kenny, he named his cup Rogers. LOL.

After hanging out at Starbucks, Jay invited us to eat and we ended at Crisostomo. It was Filipino cuisine since Jay lives in UAE and it is not always that they get to eat Filipino dishes.

I'm glad that FM and my friends got along. They talked, we laughed, and had a great time. It is rare that complete strangers get along so well during the first meeting. It was a fun afternoon and quite relaxing.

When I got home, I opened Jay's gifts to me. I was super happy. Really happy. Thank you so much Jay. I really love your gifts. Please never stop giving me gifts. Hahahahaha.

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