Thursday, February 14, 2013

my first Valentine ....

I was in high school. Our club, the Science Club, sponsored a buy a rose campaign for Valentines Day to raise funds for the group. All our flowers were gone in less than an hour. When I arrived in my classroom, I saw a huge bouquet of roses on my desk. They were white and there were about 3 dozen.

I was pissed.

I thought that they were for delivery and so the first words out of my mouth was "Really? I have to deliver those?" I picked it up and placed it on the empty desk beside me. I didn't pay any more attention to it since I figured I could do the delivery during recess.

My then boyfriend came over during recess and asked if I liked the roses he gave me. I gave him a blank stare. He then pointed out to the huge bouquet that I tossed aside. Apparently, it was for me.

I was such a dufus. Thankfully, the then boyfriend was quite understanding and we spent Valentines in a small fast food place just right outside school. It wasn't grandiose but I did get a rose and free food.

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