Saturday, February 23, 2013

changes and the need for a laptop that works ....

It feels like I haven't written for the longest time and truth is, I haven't. It seems that I haven't had enough time to spare for me to actually gather my thoughts and this makes me sad.

I am someone who finds writing to be therapeutic and with the many changes that have happened in over a week, I feel the need to actually just sit down in a coffee shop with my favorite cup of coffee and cinnamon swirl, plug on my iPOD, and write on a laptop. Unfortunately, I do not have a laptop.

See, I recently changed careers and from being an employee, I now work in the family business. I've been travelling from the South to the North and back everyday. I've been standing for almost 8 hours a day supervising our production. From mental work, I now do mental and physical work.

To say that it has been a challenge is an understatement.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy with the decision I made. It's just that sometimes, I feel like I'm not learning anything or enough and I worry that I haven't really contributed much. FM says that its too early since I've only been at work for a week.

To give you a peek at where I work now and what I do, here goes.

Yep, we own a silkscreen printing business and this is where I go everyday, Monday to Friday. Our company is called Sakura Print Masters (for inquiries, please email us at We accept orders with a minimum of 700 pieces.

What do I do? For now, I overlook operations, come up with design concepts, and handle clients. Well, I try to anyway or I should. I honestly do not know if I'm helping in the past week. So far, my Dad hasn't reprimanded me so I'm hoping that I'm doing okay.

Anyway, thanks for reading my senseless monologue. I just miss writing. I miss it badly.

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