Monday, February 4, 2013

Party Weekend

The weekend was filled with parties B was invited to. There was a dinner party at Gloria Maris for B's crush and a swimming party for the niece of FM where B was also invited.

I feel happy that in one way or another, B gets to socialize and that in every event, he has friends and he's able to make friends. I feel happy that he doesn't find it hard to make friends nor integrate himself with new people.

B is an only child and he's never been sociable. My main worry before was that he wouldn't know how to socialize and make friends. I'm glad that I was wrong.

The rest of us were able to make do with the time that we had supervising B and ensuring that he had a good time. I'm glad that I had a great support system and people who love B.

We had a great weekend and I liked that I was able to bond with some of my siblings. Great food, great company, great weekend!

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