Wednesday, February 13, 2013

on family bonding and photographs ...

My family and I are not perfect. We fight and we argue. We have moments where we'd ignore each other and think bad thoughts.

We are normal. 

Now, in spite and despite this, we are still a family and we protect each other when need be. I may diss my brothers when I'm upset at them but I will hunt down whoever hurts them. It's the same with other members of my family.

We are also in love with photos and bonding. My Mom likes to capture those moments and it has trickled to one of my little brother, my son, and myself. I believe that bonding is something that every family should do. Dinner, lunch, breakfast, milk tea sessions, or coffee are some of the things that families can do. If they're more adventurous, they can also go on traveling together and doing crazy things like bungee jumping.

Last night, my family and I had dinner at Sambokojin. We went out because our Mom has been staying at our factory more often that at home to help with the business. I figured my little sister needs to spend time with our Mom and dinner out sounded like a good idea. After, I treated them to coffee.

We do this; my family and I. We hang out at home and sometimes, outside. We eat out since we love food and discovering new places. We also love taking photos because my Mom taught us that capturing what we looked like at a certain day helps us remember easier and reminds us of what we looked like at that time.

breakfast at home
CNY 2013 dinner
So go on ... spend time with your family and capture those moments. You may hate them at times, you may dislike them at times, but they are your family. You may hate having your photo taken but when all else is over and done, those photos will definitely mean more and they will matter. One way or another, a photo will always matter.


  1. Trying out new restaurants is a wonderful way to bond with the family. It's always nice to discover a new place together.

  2. so nice to be with your family despite of whatever issues each family has... :))


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