Friday, September 30, 2011

Simply Thai

My friends from work and I were stressed to high heavens and hell because of our workload. It's been almost one bad call after another and we needed to unwind. We agreed to eat out once a month and so, today, I bought my Yummy magazine and had them choose which resto we would eat  at.

Simply Thai won simply because Janina loves Thai food.

These are what we ordered.

tom yum

green mango and apple salad with soft shell crab

lamb curry

pad thai

The food was delicious. It was not too spicy because we requested for it to be just mild but the way it was cooked, spicy or not, we would have finished it all. What made this even more special? I was with people who mattered.

Thank God for coworkers like them. Thank God for real people.

1 comment:

  1. Ang cute namn ng presentation nung pad thai. Ako namn mahilig sa spicy kaya kahit maanghang yan e mauubos ko. hehehe!


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