Sunday, September 11, 2011

Colorful Weekend # 5: Child Haus

This event has been in the planning stage for over a month now. We had so many hits and misses that I honestly thought of giving up on doing a charitable event. However, I really wanted to give back because I have been so blessed in my life.

I wanted to give back and I thought, no one or nothing is going to stop me.

We had a couple of brainstorming sessions and it was very productive. There were 4 of us and we tapped some resources as well.

Sadly, it ended with only 3 of us  going to the event itself. There were lots of things that came up for the rest and we couldn't really fault them. However, to A and K, I am deeply grateful.

We had a lot of misses. The charitable institution apparently moved and forgot to tell us they changed address. It rained like there was no tomorrow. It flooded. We lacked funds. We were stressed. It was like someone out there didn't want this to push through.

Luckily, I had angels on my side. A good friend of mine donated to the event and had his friend's foundation help us out. K got his magician friends to volunteer their time at no cost.

Here are the angels.  1st photo are the people from GMAC Foundation Inc (Give More for Action and Charity) and the second one is The Story Circle magicians.

I wasn't able to sit the entire afternoon. I was antsy and I was worried that the sky would eventually fall and everything would just crumble.

Luckily, the event went without a glitch once we got there. WE started with giving away the loot bags, coloring books and storybooks, as well as the toys. After, we made the surprise announcements. We were donating 10 sacks of rice as well as a DVD player (care of the GMAC Foundation) and some cartoon DVD's (care of A.)

After the film viewing where even the adults had a lot of fun watching, the magicians came into play and though they were a pretty hard audience, they were in awe by the time the last magician did his thing.

Overall, it was a successful outreach program. The kids were happy and we were able to give back something to them. It may have a lot of bumps at the start but it was pretty smooth sailing after.

To more outreach programs touching hearts and hopefully, making a difference.

* this is my entry to colorful weekend meme.


  1. Hi Kay! Thanks for visiting Daily Grind and my last week's Colorful Weekend entry.

    I apologize for the super late visit. I hope you have a great week ahead!


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  2. wow! well-done Kenny. happy for your achievement :)


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